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What’s up pro guides family? How are you doing today? My name is rhinox. And I’d like to welcome you back to another video.

We all want to be the best CSGO players we can be and to do so we’d like to have any advantages that we can get, except for straight up sheets. Of course that’s a bit too far. To do that though having to correct settings plays a big part.

So we OVER HERE AT Pro guides have decided to bring you the absolute best settings in order to allow you to take easy wins over anyone that doesn’t use them. Before we do that, though, you probably already know what time it is. It’s time of course for our question of the day.

Today’s question being what is the highest amount of frags you have ever gotten in the game? Personally, it was somewhere in the 60s. But that was a long time ago and a heavy overtime game on face it. I’m not actually sure if I ended up winning that game even but I’ll assume I have otherwise I definitely would have remembered it. With that said and done though, let’s get right into the settings.

Starting off with low versus high video settings. Which one should you be using? Well, that really depends on your personal preference and your system, but not in the way you might think it does. A lot of players swear by either low or high video settings. Low video settings fanatics will try to convince you that you need to use it because it gives you higher FPS but high video fanatics will say it’s just personal preference and it makes the game look better. Both are true, of course, but it’s not so black and white as it just being performance versus looks both are better than the other just in some different ways. Let’s begin with the lower video settings. lowering your video settings obviously grants you a reasonable FPS benefit. If your game is only running at 80 to 100 frames and your monitor is 144 hertz, you will definitely notice that the game is not running optimally. And you’ll clearly see the difference in fps and the lower settings, even if you’re running at the same 80 to 100 frames. But if you have a 60 hertz display, there will be a difference. Your monitor will have more frames to choose from and thus you’ll have a more recent frame displayed each time for the hardcore CSGO players. This will also be noticeable if your game is already running at 300 to 400 frames though the extra FPS from lowering your video settings won’t be as noticeable, but it will make a slight difference in how responsive The game is. Basically the lower end your system is the more noticeable difference as well. Even if your PC is producing more frames and your monitor can show if we go into higher video settings mostly every setting is just personal preference except to key settings and oma you will notice the difference these two settings being shaders and effects if you put both of these to their highest settings, there will be a clear difference with molotovs and incendiaries. And even a small difference in how smokes are displayed. With molotovs and incendiaries. You’ll be able to see through the fire much better as it will be much less black smoke and it will be more see through with smokes, the edges will be slightly curved more allowing you to see people at the edges of smokes better, as shown in this video here.

I definitely think it’s fair to say this will give you a significant advantage and will allow you to play around smokes and molotovs much more effectively. So what do we recommend you do?

Well, we recommend you make your own decision on this. If you find yourself playing around fires or incendiaries a lot, then having high shaders and effects is a must. If not then you may as well go for the higher FPS as it will make your game more responsive. Our general advice would be prioritize your FPS first if your PC can handle it.

Definitely experiment putting some shaders and effects on high though, another setting where there’s a lot of discussion around is what resolution is the best specifically what aspect ratio you should be using. The two main ones are 16 by nine which is the default and four by three stretched. There’s also more like five by 416 by 10. And also four by three black bars. But those aren’t really used as much so we won’t go over them. The age old debate between 16 by nine and four by three is still very much ongoing. And to be honest, there is no right solution as both have some great advantages. So really just his personal preference, but there definitely are some things that you should consider.

If you’re using four by three stretch, there’s a few benefits, the main one is that your opponents will appear bigger on your screen as they are stretched. Some people say it makes them easier to hit. But scientifically that doesn’t make a lot of sense as they are the same amount of pixels just stretch. But always remember the placebo effects are very real. And if it makes you think you aim better, your aim will be better. Except for targets being bigger. The game also feels faster, which I feel helps me to stay focused easier and lastly, it gives you more FPS because your graphics card will have to render less pixels, which again makes the game more responsive 16 by nine has some advantages of its own though, it will give you a lot of vision on the sides of the screen. So you’ll always be able to spot players you otherwise wouldn’t have and it also makes players move more slowly compared to four by three.

There’s no resolution that’s playing better than another. So our advice would be to just experiment and see what you like personally.

Now that we’ve touched a bit on visibility, let’s talk about another setting that helps with that, that being clear decals. We all know that when you shoot a player in CSGO blood comes out and splatters on all the nearest walls. If you just shot a player in Mirage window for example, it can be really hard to spot them if they repeat simply because of the blood still being on the wall camouflaging the player model.

If this has ever happened to you or fear no more as we’ve done way to fix that for you. The solution is actually quite straightforward. All you need is a simple bond, open up console and type bind key r underscore clear decals. This bind will clear all the blood and bullet holes on the entire map. If you really hate decals, you can even do a bind like bind w quote plus forward semi colon are underscore clear decals, which will clear decals anytime you move forward.

Another little something that greatly affects visibility and is something all the pros are using is increased a digital vibrance having this on will make the game more colorful and will make players easier to spot even in dark corners.

To enable this all you have to do is go into your graphics card settings for Nvidia You do this by going to your desktop and right clicking in an empty space then click Nvidia Control Panel once you’re there you go from the navigation tree under display click adjust desktop color settings and there you’ll see an adjustable slider now adjust the slider to whatever you prefer the higher.

Something completely different not surprisingly, a lot of people haven’t set up yet or grenade vines we’ve all at one point or another struggled with getting the right grenade out maybe you really needed that Molotov ASAP but you had to cycle through a flash then a nade then a smoke and then a decoy what why did you even buy decor anyways, we’ve all had that happen to us, or at least everyone without grenade buttons, but luckily for you no more. If you go to the settings menu, you can now select a separate bind for each grenade. This will allow you to instantly pull out any names you please by just pressing your new bind instead of having to spam for we’d recommend getting used to grenade binds as early as possible because it will definitely make a big difference. But the longer you wait the harder it will become to adapt, so make sure to change yours and set nade binds as soon as possible.

Bonus points for anyone adding the grenade crosshair bind to it as well in order to find your lineups quicker and more consistently. To do that, just add this quick bond bind key toggle CL underscore crosshair size your crosshair size 1000. By pressing this bind, you’ll toggle between your normal and the NATO lineup crosshair.

The next tip revolves around avoiding tilt. We all know that tilting can lose you games you otherwise would have easily won. So of course, we all want to avoid this as much as possible. Some time ago, I figured out this method that helped me tilt significantly less and all you have to do is just change a few settings going into your game settings and disabling show player names show profile pictures and looting the enemy team will greatly help with avoiding to getting killed by ex ex ex little Jimmy ex ex ex with that annoying profile picture constantly. Every time you die getting called an idiot or a new is a lot more tilting than getting killed by enemy orange and thus making all your enemies anonymous and disabling their ability to talk to you will make them affect you a lot less. Therefore enabling these settings originally meant for streamers will help you win more games.

Another thing that isn’t necessary per se but can definitely make a difference is manually setting up your network settings. The game does a pretty alright job setting up itself but giving it a hand can never hurt. The three settings you should mostly look at is how much data your game can use in your game settings what your CL underscore interp underscore ratio is set at And lastly, what your CL underscore interface if your connection has limited bandwidth limiting your in game bandwidth is recommended.

If you have a stable connection combined with good Pang without any loss or ping spikes, you should make sure that your CL underscore interpret underscore ratio is set to one if instead your connection isn’t so stable, or you always play on high ping CL underscore interpret underscore ratio two is generally recommended.

If it comes to CL underscore interp a lot of people will say different things but just typing CL underscore interpret zero will force the game to calculate what it thinks is best for your connection. So we’d recommend doing that maybe even adding it to your autoexec file.

I’ve personally never noticed a big difference with different network settings. But then again, I always play on strong connection and a low Ping.

If you’re in a different situation, I’d highly recommend trying out some different settings and seeing what works for you.

Something I’d have to recommend to virtually everyone is using a jump bind on your mouse wheel. Having a mouse junk bond will allow you to be hot much more consistently than just using spacebar which will also allow you to jump across offers or go for certain pics. Sure being able to be hot isn’t completely necessary, but it is a big advantage. If you have it available to you just in case you do need it.

Another binds that will allow you to pick up an extra kill here and there is the radar zoom toggle bind. Generally you’d not want your radar super zoomed in so that you can’t see what’s happening on the other side of the map where that teammate is playing that just won’t communicate. But sometimes a more zoomed in radar can really help you especially if you’re walking in a smoke with a zoomed in radar you’ll see that you have bumped into a player as you’ll stop moving on a radar that isn’t so zoomed in. You simply won’t notice it though.

Therefore, we’d really recommend zooming in your radar when you suspect an enemy might be in a smoke. The bind for this is quite simple bind key toggles CL underscore radar underscore size, your preferred size one, we’d recommend trying this out and maybe you’ll like it and pick up a few free kills through smokes.

It’s For our last tip, and this one is a bit different. So make sure you’re paying attention. We all know that feeling when we’re having a bad game and we start doubting our settings, right? We might change our sensitivity, or crosshair, maybe even our view model. And well, sometimes it seems to help. And that’s for a few reasons.

If you change your sensitivity, it might feel like your aim is suddenly better for a short amount of time. And that’s sort of true. If you just changed your sense, your brain needs to get used to it and tries to do so desperately. If you’re just using a sensitivity you were already used to. It wouldn’t focus on it fully like it would when you just changed it. The downside of this though, is that the effects will quickly fade and the offset muscle memory. So we want to avoid doing this as much as possible. So instead of changing your sensitivity, we’d recommend just changing your crosshair. Changing your crosshair will not affect your muscle memory, but it will allow your brain to be like hey, there’s something new Let’s pay attention, meaning it’s fine to change it and will temporarily boost performance. So if you’re stuck thinking what settings to change, always go for your crosshair to maintain your muscle memory while also maintaining focus. Well guys, it certainly seems like that will be all for now. So if you learned a new setting or two or even if you didn’t, make sure to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell in order to never miss out on a pro guides video again. Also make sure to check out the rest of the channel and head on over to pro guides calm on there, you can find great coaches which can help you set up your game or even help you with any other issue you might have as long as it’s related to counter strike, of course, but there’s also the one and only master guide to counter strike by simple himself on that. So be sure to be on the lookout for that too. With all that though. I wish you a great rest of your day and best of luck and improving peace.

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