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Are you a CS:GO beginner? Do you want to reach Global Elite rank but feel too weak to do that? Is there the need for you to improve your understanding of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mechanics? Do you just want to become more confident while playing? Or you want to play like a pro? Do you aim to enter the professional esports scene one day?

If so, welcome to our CS GO Academy! This website is your greatest skill raising resource! Here we will post:

  • CSGO newbie tips;
  • Map reviews;
  • Shooting recommendations;
  • Grenade throwing info;
  • Professional playing tricks;
  • Top esports game reviews;
  • Playing guides of different levels;
  • Rank boosting recommendations;
  • Skill training tips;
  • Pro player playing highlights;
  • Tips on game perception from professionals;
  • Gear and hardware used by pro esports gamers;
  • Random interesting stuff about CS:GO competitive games.

CSGO-Academy.net is the center point of all your skill raising efforts. With the help of our guides and our boosters (yes, we’ve got skilled professionals providing CS players with certain services) you’ll definitely gain your top rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive quicker than if you’d do that on your own.

Turn your skill into the ultimate rank raising weapon. Know how to hack the game without paying for any forbidden software: we will NEVER ask you to use hacks or cheat codes, and we NEVER use them to raise your account rank. Fair play principles have their undisputed value for us.

So, join CSGO-Academy.net right now. Read our texts attentively and learn new tricks offered by our coaches and specialists. Train like a professional esports-level player, gain important knowledge and find out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive secrets quickly and easily.

It’s time to raise your skill!