Counter Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goes on its development and new fans of this cool game appear every day, so I decided to help newbie players choose best weapons to destroy their enemies. All CS: GO weapons will be listed in appropriate categories: pistols, SMGs, rifles, heavy weapons and grenades.

As terrorists and counter-terrorists have different weapon choices, I will show if this or that gun is available for each side of the battlefield.

Let’s roll!

CS:GO Pistols

Pistols are basic weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You start a new match having a pistol in your hands, and even in late game stages when you have more firepower there frequently happens a situation when it is faster to switch to your pistol than to reload your main weapon. Newbie players tend to underestimate pistols in CS: GO, so here is my first tip: do not do it. If you’re confident playing with pistols and knowing their features, your chances to survive a tough round increase significantly.


This pistol is a starting gear for terrorists, so you shouldn’t expect too much from it. To protect it, I just have to notice its high accuracy that balances low damage rate. If you decide to save money on weapons in the first round, then do not forget: to kill an enemy with Glock, you need to shoot faster.


Unlike the Glock-18, the P250 pistol has high bullet power. Though not being too accurate, this gun shows its advantages in close quarter combats. You need to hit an enemy just a few times to pick your kill.


Five-SeveN is a hybrid gun that combines properties of Glock-18 and P250. But first of all, this means that it is slightly more powerful than Glock while being less accurate. What do I think here? If you decided to spend significant budget to buy a pistol, you better get the Desert Eagle.

Desert Eagle

As everyone knows, the Desert Eagle is the best pistol of the whole Counter Strike series and CSGO is not exclusion here. It has quite a small mag, but deals huge damage to enemies on hit. So, despite there are only 7 rounds in its magazine, you don’t actually need a lot of shots fired from your Desert Eagle to get an additional kill. It has quite low accuracy in long range firefights, but the gigantic damage of this pistol makes random hits very dangerous.

Dual Berettas

They look cool, yeah. But to use all possibilities of this weapon you need to be quite a risky player. Here you’ve got low accuracy and low damage. The point is to come as close to your enemy as you can and hit their body with many bullets in 1-2 seconds. This pistol perfectly suits the Office map.


This is a starting gun for counter-terrorists, and in my mind it is slightly more accurate than the Glock-18 of terrorist team. This means you are more likely to hit the target on a distance which is long enough for pistols, though most players won’t notice this difference.


The main reason to buy Tec-9 is its price which is 50% lower than that of a Desert Eagle. A mag with many bullets allows you to shoot the enemy in a non-stop mode if you were lucky enough to get closer. The accuracy and damage of this pistol are quite low, so slow shooting is a forbidden luxury attribute that can cost you your life.

CS:GO Heavy Weapons

I put shotguns and light machine guns into this category for your comfort. Shotguns have obvious advantages during close contacts. And light machine guns are rare to be used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There is no wonder: Counter-Strike is a very dynamic game, while machineguns fail to keep up with that dynamics.


This is the basic shotgun you can get. It is quite weak and has high area of effect. It can be profitable only in close range combats and it has low rate of fire, too. If you fail to hit the target from the first try, you probably won’t have a second chance to shoot. But this weapon is very cheap and might be useful on small maps.


The only difference between Nova and XM1014 is their fire rate. XM1014 can shoot very quickly. This makes it just fantastic for close fights on small maps and this is the reason for it co cost much more than Nova.


It looks like a sub machinegun but MAG-7 is a single-shot shotgun. This weapon is great to eliminate enemies hiding behind the corner due to huge damage rates. Still, this shotgun is exclusive for counter-terrorists.


This is a classical shotgun dealing serious damage but having very low fire rates, so you need to make sure about aiming before you take the shot. Low accuracy is compensated with a great area of effect. Though, this weapon is not as good as XM1014.


Among two light machineguns available in CS: GO, M249 is more accurate but slower in fire rate. This is the best choice for maps with big open spaces.


Contrary to M249, Negev has its rate of fire dominating over accuracy. Recoil can make you sad but the number of bullets you can launch into your enemy easily compensates that discomfort.

CS:GO Submachine Guns

As always, submachine guns in CS: GO are created for fast close range fights. They are popular enough in Counter-Strike, and there are certain reasons for it.


Available only for counter-terrorists, this submachine gun is a good choice to buy within first rounds of the match. It is cheap and has a high rate of fire that compensate its low damage properties.


MAC-10 is an exclusive alternative of MP9 for terrorists. Still, these two weapons are slightly different: MAC-10 has a little worse fire rate and accuracy compared to MP9.


If your finances allow that, consider buying MP7 especially if you play for the terrorist team. Slightly more damage instead of a lowered fire rate is a good choice for an early game purchase.


Characteristics table says there is no serious difference between UMP-45 and MP7, but UMP is cheaper and you’ll be more mobile with it. This means UMP-45 is the best early game purchase for maps like Office.


Paying attention to its price, you probably shouldn’t wonder this weapon to be the best choice among all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive submachine guns. If you prefer SMGs to other weapon categories, this is your greatest gun. High fire rate combined with low recoil and high accuracy will be helpful in any situation.


PP-Bizon is a very good SMG. It is light making you maneuverable. It has a big magazine to shoot many bullets. This lets you easily sweep corridor corners and enter time-taking firefights with no problem.

CS:GO Rifles

Rifles are most expensive weapons in Counter-Strike after light machineguns, but they deal more damage on long ranges and they exactly can bring you all the pleasure of the CS: GO game.


This rifle is only for counter-terrorists and it gives all possibilities of an assault rifle one could expect from it. The alternative burst-fire mode increases your long distance accuracy, but a small mag sets severe limits for this weapon.

Galil AR

This is the analog of FAMAS for terrorists having nearly the same characteristics. It does not have the alternative fire mode, but offers an extended number of rounds in a magazine instead. This gun is a good choice for early purchases on maps like Dust.


This is one of the most expensive assault rifles, and it is worth its money. High accuracy of M4 allows using it on long distances. Still, you need to have a good aiming because M4A4 has quite low damage rates. This weapon is available only for counter-terrorists.


This rifle is the best choice for you when you play for terrorists. It is the alternative for M4A4 but has lower accuracy and stronger recoil. Still, thanks to its high damage, an AK is a beast on close and middle distances.

SSG 08

This is the cheapest sniper rifle which is good in early rounds if you prefer long distance fighting. But due to low damage you shouldn’t rely on this weapon a lot and better consider collecting a budget for something more serious.


Each team has only one of these rifles available (AUG for CT and SG553 for T) but they are totally equal. Both have optical sights for middle ranges, deadly accuracy and high rate of fire. Best assault rifles for different situations.


This is “something more serious” for SSG 08. Huge AWP damage is usually enough to kill an enemy with just one hit. If you are a good shooter and not confused with low fire rate of this rifle, then it is your best choice.


Another pair of rifles equal in their properties. This is a semi-automatic hybrid between the assault and sniper rifles with the optical sight and high damage. Their accuracy is the most impressive feature of these rifles making them useful in many situations.

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